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What is it?

Basically it is taking handwritten notes of six Friday sermons of       Huzur-e-Anwar (aba)

in the designated time.

Is there any time limit?

Yes! There is a time limit. You have to send in the notes of the specific sermon by Thursday before the following Friday Sermon (Minimum 200 words). So if the sermon that you are making notes on is delivered on the 3rd of April you have to hand in notes by Thursday the 9th of April. You have to make notes on 6 of the 8 sermons between the 1st of April 2020 and 31st of May 2020.

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Will I get a prize?

Yes you will receive an amazing prize for completing the challenge. You will receive a Tabarruk pen and note book.

How do I hand in the notes

After completing your notes, you must send them to your Regional Nazimneen. The number for your Regional Nazim can be found here

How do I take part?

It’s quite simple. Listen to the Sermon delivered by Huzur-e-Anwar (aba) on a weekly basis, make your handwritten notes (minimum 200 words) and send them to your Regional Nazim.

If you have previously signed up for the Friday Sermon challenge, then there is no need for you to sign up again. If you need to sign up then click here.

Friday Sermon

Friday Sermon


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