Fri. May 29th, 2020

National ATfal Trainee Scheme

The Amoomi department has initiated National Atfal Trainee Scheme for 8 weeks in which around 91 atfal aged 11- 15 from all over the UK are taking part. They are getting online training from different national departments and learning various useful skills which will not only help them broaden their horizon but will also train them for the service of Jama’at within their qiadats, regions and the country.

Junior JournalistS

Articles written by atfal of the trainee scheme published by Tahir Magazine.

Week 4 Position Holders

Trainee’s Leaderboard Week 4

1stHashim Khan421
2ndNur Ud Din Jheengoor 363
3rdNauman Atif358
4thSheraz Ahmed351
5thMusa Ahmad336
6thAtta Ul Wadood335
7thYasir Khan333
7thSaad Shareef Ahmad333
7thBilal Bonsu 333
8thFaran Afzal331
9thMi’kael Zaki Ahmad330
10thSameet Shams 300
11thAffan Ahmad Khan296
12thTanzeal Ahmad290
13thMuhammad Arham286
13thDanyal Ahmad Minhas286
14thJazib Ahmad Khan281
15thSyed Zain Ahmad278
16thSabir khan 273
17thMaheer Ahmad Basit268
18thTashif Mehmood Jajja265
18thMudassir Khan 265
19thSyed Rayan Ahmad261
19thSaqib Jajja261
20thSohaib Butt258


Website Development

Include lessons on the Introduction of web design and development, WordPress, Homepage, Creating homepage using Elementor, SEO, Featured images, Categories and maintenance of website.

Young Admins (Amoomi Department)

Various administrative skills are being taught to Atfal. They are learning structure of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya and Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya, MS Office (Word, Excel and Power point).


Lessons are also being run in which various photography techniques are being taught to Atfal.

Junior Journalist​

Includes lessons on Basic skills in writing, Interview techniques, Multi source writing, News Style, Opinion piece, Feature writing and Advance story structure.

Video Editing

Sessions include lessons on Filmora, Basics, tools of Premier Pro, Basic video editing, Transitions and Mogrt.

Graphics Designing

Sessions include lessons on poster designing on Canva, Photoshop and Indesign and Poster designing on photoshop.

Others Skills

There are many other skills atfal will learn during this training scheme which includes First Aid, Cooking, Baking, Journalism, Data Handling, Creative Thinking, Planning, Execution of sporting activities and Much more ....


"Educational and taught me new skills"
Musa Ahmad 11
Tahir Region
"I like lessons of different subjects and the teachers are very good"
Waleed Ahmad 14
Scotland Region
"My favourite classes are Amoomi and Graphics Designing"
Jahid Ahmad 11
W Midlands Region
"This trainee scheme is very good as it contains a variety of subjects. I also really like the points scheme"
Atta ul Wadood 12
Muqami Region
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