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Weekly Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Plan

Weekly Lesson Plans are produced for the local Atfal class teachers and parents to help them with the teaching material.

Note: These lessons are not the same as those used in the national online classes. For those lessons, please visit

Some of the Features

  • Included material suitable for all age groups
  • Added self-study, reading & research content
  • Introduced different learning workshops
  • Included multimedia & discussion resources
  • Suggested weekly homeworks
  • Provided online quizzes for further consolidation

Additional resources

  • The Official Waqf-e-Nau Syllabus
  • The Tahir Magazine (Atfal UK)
  • Worksheet from Tahir Academy USA
  • Atfal audio books
  • Atfal annual reading list
  • … and lots of amazing books, articles, magazines and videos on
Lesson Plans

Published OnLesson PlanLesson Quiz
27-Dec-2019LessonPlan-01To be uploaded
03-Jan-2019LessonPlan-02To be uploaded
17-Jan-2020LessonPlan-03To be uploaded
07-Feb-2020LessonPlan-04To be uploaded
24-Jan-2020LessonPlan-05To be uploaded
14-Feb-2020LessonPlan-07To be uploaded
21-Feb-2020LessonPlan-08To be uploaded
28-Feb-2020LessonPlan-09To be uploaded
06-Mar-2020LessonPlan-10To be uploaded
13-Mar-2020LessonPlan-11To be uploaded
20-Mar-2020LessonPlan-12To be uploaded

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