Local Qiadat Quizzes: Must be held on either the 21st or the 22nd of August 2021.

Regional Quiz: They must be held on either the 4th or 5th of September 2021 


Local Nazimeen MUST ensure that Atfal are put into teams prior to the event and encouraged to prepare for the quiz in teams in order to make the quiz fair for all age groups

What is the Ahadith Quiz

The Ahadith Quiz is a team quiz based on testing the Arabic and Translation of 40 Ahadith taken from Waqf-e-Nau Syllabus. It is designed to make Atfal work as a team to prepare and come up with answers and discuss answers before submitting their answers to the quiz master. It will allow for Atfal to socialise and communicate with one another. This is why the quiz should not be done on a platform such as Kahoot because that makes the competition in a way where Atfal cannot work as a team and communicate with one another.

The quiz will first be run at a local level on the 21st or 22nd of August and the winning team from each Qiadat will go into the Regional Quiz to take place in every region across the country on 4th or 5th of September.

Quiz Format & Rules:

The maximum number of team members per team will be 5

There should be at least 2 Atfal in each team.

The purpose of having teams is to have Atfal prepare together and consult and speak to each other during the Quiz. Generally, it has been felt that there is a lack of communication between Atfal due to lockdown so this is a way to encourage Atfal to communicate and speak to other Atfal.

With regards to which Atfal should be in which teams, it is up to the Local Nazim to decide. It is up to the Local Nazim to see what team size and team allocations would work best for their Qiadats. As the quizzes are not based on age groups, you must divide up Atfal so they are equally divided in terms of age difference so that each team has a similar number of older and younger Atfal.

Prepare the teams at least two weeks before the Quiz so that Atfal have plenty of time to work together and prepare in teams. There is not much benefit if Atfal do not prepare for the Quiz as the whole purpose is to encourage Atfal to learn the 40 Ahadith and its translation in preparation for the quiz.

Preparation for the Quiz:

The main syllabus for the Quiz is linked below.

The Atfal must be able to recite the Arabic of the Hadith, recall the English translation and be able to tell the Arabic when given the translation.

Atfal do not need to memorise by number of the Hadith, this will not be tested

Structure of Rounds and question layout:

The quiz will have 3 rounds. Each round containing 3 to 4 questions per team.

The 3 questions per round will be asked together from each team before moving on to the next team. For example, team 1 will answer all three questions from round 1. Then the next team will be asked their 3 questions related to round 1. When all teams have answered their 3 questions from round 1, then Team 1 will answer 3 questions from round 2 and so on.

First round will be based on testing the Arabic of Ahadith. An example of this questions is as follows:

Finish the Hadith “Inna mal A`maalu”?

(The answer to the questions will be displayed on the next slide in the quiz.)

The second round will be a fun round: “What do the emojis spell out?”

The third round will be based on translating Ahadith to English

The Atfal in each team should choose a captain. The Atfal should discuss amongst themselves the answer to the question and the team captain should say the final answer.

In terms of how long a team has to answer the question, the Local Nazimeen or the regional Nazimeen can decide this rule. A good timeframe is usually 20-30 seconds but you may wish to have it longer or shorter keeping in mind that the purpose is to have Atfal communicate with one another as well.

Scoreboard feature:

The scoring should be tracked after each question.

The Quiz Master should keep track of the score and at the end of each round (when all teams have answered their set of 3 question then) the Quiz Master should read out the latest scores for each team.


The winning team from the local Qaidat will get the chance to face off other Qiadats at regional level.

Local Nazim should convey the names of the qualifying team from their Qiadat to their regional Nazim no later than Sunday 23rd August

If any Qaidat has a very small Tajneed then they can combine the members from the losing team as well to take part in the regional quiz so that they can have up to 5 people per team (Max 5 members per team and 1 team per Qiadat. There should be at least 2 people per team.)

Do's and Dont's


  • Do ensure Atfal prepare for the Quiz beforehand and that they prepare in teams with one another.
  • Inform Atfal where they can find preparation material (See ‘Preparation for the Quiz’ section above)


  • Do not do this quiz in a format such as Kahoot or Slido because that stops Atfal from communicating with each other. The purpose of doing this in teams is to have Atfal prepare together and then during the quiz consult and speak to each other to come up with the answers.
  • The presentation for the Quiz which contains the actual questions should not be shared with the Atfal.

Frequently Asked Questions

In your local Qiadat quizzes, you can split by age, however at regional level there is no such split. You may wish to divide up teams at local level so that each team has an equal number of older and younger Atfal. However this is up to the local Nazim to decide.

You are more than welcome to make your own presentation or choose to use questions from the presentation that has been provided. However, try to make sure that you follow the similar structure whereby the heavy focus is on testing of Ahadith and its translation and also a strong focus is on Atfal communicating and discussing together to give answers. The quizzes at regional level however must use the questions that have been provided by the National team in the presentation. Based on those questions, you can make your own presentation or style of Quiz. Or you can use the presentation provided by the National Team as it is.

The local and regional Nazimeen can choose to give prizes should they wish to do so.
A draw can be resolved through a sudden death round. Several questions will be provided in an extra sheet which can be utilised for this.