Tue. Nov 24th, 2020



"The Department of Amoomi maintain records of the Majlis activities and co-ordinates between Markaz and the Majlis. Also, Amoomi are responsible for the administration of the Majlis."

National Atfal Trainee Scheme

The Amoomi department has initiated National Atfal Trainee Scheme for 8 weeks in which around 91 atfal aged 11- 15 from all over the UK are taking part.

Become A saiq

Bored at home? 🙄🥱 Want a challenge?🤔

  ———:BECOME A SAIQ:———

>> But what is this SAIQ Challenge? 🤷

This means you would become a group leader and serve in your Qiadat.
You would learn key life skills by helping local atfal in your qiadat 🗣
Be a helper and a team leader at the same time.

>> But how to signup for this? 🤷

It very easy. You can Signup by contacting your regional or local Nazim Atfal.🧔


Posters designed by Atfal of the trainee scheme


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