Ijtema Talim

Important Note: Closed Individual Competitions The following competitions will be restricted at this year’s Ijtema to those Atfal who came 1st, 2nd or 3rd at their regional Ijtema’at: Tilawat, Nazm, Prepared English Speech.   Open Competitions Also note that there are other open competitions on offer as well. These include: Adhan Prepared Speech Urdu Hifz-Triathlon Atfal […]

Salat Hub Challenge

SALAT HUB CHALLENGE Your chance to win a bike and other prizes! Get ready, Atfal! It’s time to delve into the wonders of the Salat Hub App, where completing your designated tasks doesn’t just boost your knowledge, but also opens up a world of thrilling rewards! That’s right –  TWO bicycles and a host of […]

Atfal Football League

⚽ ATFAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE 2023 ⚽ IT’S BACK! THE 11th SEASON! Assalamu Alaikum Atfal, Key highlights: ? 14th January 2023 (for 5 weeks – see poster for other dates) ? Harris Academy, Wide Way, Mitcham, CR4 1BP ⏰ 4.30 PM – 7.00 PM (same time every week) ? £40 per Team, per Gameweek ?? *NEW* […]

Systematic Classes

Systematic Classes Local Atfal classes are the most important and key part of the local basic structure of Atfalul Ahmadiyya. (To learn more about the basic local structure, visit www.atfal.org.uk/basic-local-structure). Therefore, all local Atfal classes must be quality classes and run in a well-organized and structured manner offering the maximum benefit to the Atfal. “Systematic […]

Ushaaq ul Masjid

Ushaaq ul Masjid (Mosque Lovers) Download Tracker Sign Up Now! What is The Mosque Champions Scheme? The Ushaaq ul Masajid scheme is being organised to encourage Atfal across the country to pray salat in their local Mosques or Salat Centres. The main purpose of this scheme is to devise a plan that would help Atfal in being […]

Sports Day

⚽?? ATFAL IJTEMA SPORTS DAY 2022 SOUTH ??⚽ ? Date: Monday 2nd January 2022 ⏰ Time: 8AM ? Location: Tudor Park, Feltham (TW13 7EF) We welcome all Atfal brothers aged 7-15 years old from the Southern regions to attend the follow-up to the National Ijtema.  Atfal will be split into three age groups: 7-9, 10-12 […]


7 – 11 Sports Competitions Team competitions will be non-competitive. Teams will be formed on the day and will be mixed teams of different regions. Individual competitions will be competitive. Football: 7 a side Cricket: Doubles game with 4 overs Tug of war: 8 a side 100m individual race Other athletics 12 – 15 Sports […]


Closed Talim Competitions This year some of the Talim competitions will be closed for only those Atfal that came top 3 in their regional Ijtema. The closed competitions are: (Syllabus can be find at the end of this page) Tilawat Nazm Azaan English prepared speech   Regional Nazimeen will submit the names of Atfal who […]

UK Football and Cricket Tour 2022

What is the tour? We are pleased to announce that Atfal U.K. is taking a Football and Cricket team to Germany, Frankfurt from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June. The cost of the trip is £150 which is subject to change Trial results Assalamu Alaikum all Atfal brothers,   We have made our final […]

Local and Regional Monthly Rankings

REGIONS & QIADATS MONTHLY RANKINGS 2023/24 REGIONS & QIADATS MONTHLY RANKINGS 2023/24 Large Qiadats Qiadats with 16 or more Atfal (Large Qiadats) Small Qiadats Qiadats with 1-15 Atfal (Small Qiadats) Regional View all Previous Rankings Please click below to see Local and Regional Ranking Criteria Local and Regional Ranking Criteria Please click below to see […]