Team competitions will be non-competitive. Teams will be formed on the day and will be mixed teams of different regions.

Individual competitions will be competitive.

  • Football: 7 a side
  • Cricket: Doubles game with 4 overs
  • Tug of war: 8 a side
  • 100m individual race
  • Other athletics

All the competitions for this age category will be competitive. If you would like to sign up please contact your Local/Regional Nazim Atfal.

Deadline for submission of teams is 28 August 2022.

  • Football: 7 a side with 3 substitutes, 6 groups of 4 teams and 10 minute games
  • Cricket: 8 aside with 4 overs each
  • Tug of War: 8 a side
  • 4x100m relay race
  • 100m individual race