MAA UK is giving Atfal an opportunity to serve their Jamaat to understand the spirit of Jamaat work and its importance in one’s spiritual development. All opportunities of Khidmat (service) will be related to this year’s theme Muhammad (sa) – The Perfect Preacher.

Below are options that you can choose to apply to, you may only apply to one option, and you must be 14 or 15 years old. Please fill out the Microsoft Form and make sure to submit relevant documents as required by the respective selection criteria. Atfal will be interviewed by relevant departments regarding their submissions.

Check out the various departments, to apply click on the button below:

Type: Sports and physical activity

Purpose: to understand the link between spirituality and physical health according to Islam and develop the skill to organise sporting events to implement this understanding.

Task: Plan a sporting tournament in your region, ensuring highest organisational standards are met. The best plan will receive official recognition by Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya UK.

Selection criteria: submit a plan for a sports tournament involving 20 Atfal. Plans will be judged based on practicality, including an interesting session where Atfal can gain knowledge, Atfal’s interest, fairness to all Atfal in attendance, and focus on little details that can be missed (e.g., not having a rule for players not to be allowed in the penalty box in a 5 a side tournament).

Ishaat (Media and Publications)

Type: Multimedia and technology

Purpose: to learn how to use technology and media for the propagation of the teachings of Islam i.e., using Adobe Premiere Pro, photo editing software, social media engagement and capturing events

Task: to learn one skill from the above and produce content for fellow Atfal brothers related to this year’s theme. MAA UK are especially looking for Atfal that are interested in learning how to animate and make content using this skill.

Selection criteria: prepare a poster or video related to the theme that shows interest and aptitude in this area. Videos must not be longer than 2 minutes, they will be judged on relevance to the theme, creativity and professionalism.

Type: Writing and scholarship

Purpose: develop the skill of writing to an audience (your Atfal brothers) regarding contemporary issues in light of Islamic teachings, e.g., peer pressure, social media, bullying etc.

Task: produce regular articles regarding important issues related to Atfal, once every month.

Selection criteria: submit a 300-word article about a topic of your choice. Articles will be judged based on ranking of sources (Qur’an, Sunna, Hadith), relevance to contemporary issues Atfal face and links to real life experiences that allow Atfal to practically implement Islam’s teachings.


Type: Research and publication

Purpose: To develop research and writing skills as well as in-depth religious knowledge regarding a contemporary issue.

Task: To investigate a given topic related to this year’s theme, producing a series of lecture/notes aimed to explain the topic to other Atfal. The final project will comprise of a submission for the Tahir Magazine as well as a scholarly presentation which they will present at a regional or national level.

Selection criteria: Prepare a 5-minute presentation on a topic you would like to research about during the period of Khidmat. Presentations will be judged on relevance to the theme, appropriate explanation of references, and presentation style. You must submit this presentation as part of your application, you will need to present this in a live interview with the Talim department.

Type: Data analysis and data collection

Purpose: to understand importance of accurate data handling and reporting according to Islam’s teachings and implementing these teachings.

Task: to be proficient in Microsoft Office, and analysing data submitted by office bearers across the UK. Learn how to take meeting minutes efficiently and accurately for National Atfal Amila meetings.

Selection criteria: Be able to use basic functions on Excel i.e., to rank scores for Qiadats from largest to smallest for the purpose of creating a leaderboard for best Small Qiadat and best Large Qiadat in a live interview with the Amoomi department. Note – you do not have to submit anything as part of your application. You will be required to create the leaderboard in an interview.

Type: Administrative work

Purpose: help run Tarbiyyat department initiatives e.g., mosque champions, Quran challenge.

Task: develop materials, make calls and send messages to promote the initiatives. Assist with data collection and compilation for distribution of prizes and track progress.

Selection criteria: craft a message to promote recitation of Holy Quran during Ramadhan, the message will be judged on creativity, the amount of detail it covers and whether the message is motivating.

Type: Programming and Development

Purpose: Engage members of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya in website development, learning key skills such as front and back-end development, content management on services like wordpress, UX/UI design and implementation

Task: Develop websites, maintain content and bug fixing

Selection criteria: Make a simple ‘Hello World’ document using HTML and CSS, however the message on screen should be Muhammad (sa) – The Perfect Preacher – applicant is also required to use CSS to colourise the background and font.