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What is The Mosque Champions Scheme?

The Mosque Champions Scheme is designed to encourage Atfal to pray in the Mosque/Salat Centre. It sets the target for all Atfal to pray in their local Mosque or Salat Centre on at least 10 days in a month. Those who do so, will receive prizes.

If you are taking part in this scheme, then please inform your Local or Regional Nazim Atfal.

When will this Scheme run?

Mosque Champions will start from 1st February 2022 and run till end of August 2022.

What are the prizes?

Each month the prize will be different. Some months, the names of atfal will be published on the Atfal website or any other Jamaat periodical. In other months you will get coloured Mug with special messages/text on there. Prizes may change from month to month depending on circumstances. If you complete the Mosque Champions Scheme for 6 out of the 7 months, you will be offered a further special prize.

How do I Submit my entry for the month?

There is a Tracker sheet where you must keep a record of when you have prayed in the mosque. You can download the tracker sheet here. The tracker sheet must be signed by one of your parents and submitted to your local or regional Nazim Atfal. The local Nazim will then submit it to the Regional Nazim who will pass it onto the National Atfal Tarbiyyat Team.

What is the age limit?

This is Open for all Atfal.

What if I don’t have transport?

Main responsibility is on the Tifl and his parents/guardians to arrange for the Tifl to get to the mosque/Salat centre. Contact your Local Nazim Atfal, Local Qaid, Regional Nazim Atfal or Regional Qaid if you are struggling to see if they can help. If you still can’t find transport, then please contact us on ([email protected] or 07414669163) and we can try to see if any help can be provided. But main responsibility is for the individual Atfal and their parents/guardians.

What if there is no mosque near me?

This scheme can only be taken part by those who can attend a local Salat Centre or Mosque.

For more information, please contact us on [email protected] or 07414669163.