Parents Meeting Guide For Nazimeen

Dear Nazimeen Atfal, on this page you will find useful information on how to conduct Parents meetings. The parents meetings should be held at local Qiadat levels.

What is a parents Meeting?

  • Parents meetings are an opportunity for Atfal parents to learn more about what is happening in the local Qiadats for their Atfal. It is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions about the activities and get more information. Parents can share their feedback and give comments about the future of the local activities and what they wish to have in their local Qiadats.

How often should a parents meeting happen?

  • It should be held every quarter, or at least 3 times a year.

How should you structure the Parents Meeting?

  • The parents meeting should commence with Tilawat and end with Dua. It should primarily include presentations about what is happening in the Atfal classes and what sports and fun activities are being organised by the Qidat. It should also include information about regional and national initiatives. Parents meetings should also include an opportunity for parents to ask questions and share their feedback.
  • Local Nazim can decide on the structure of how the parents meeting is otherwise run.

Should Parents Meeting be held at local or Regional level?

  • The parents meeting should happen at local levels.
  • If any Region wishes to organise an additional Parents Meeting on top of local ones, they can do so.

Who conducts the Parents Meeting?

  • Local Nazim should primarily conduct the meeting
  • However, if the local Nazim cannot do so, then either the regional Nazim or the local Qaid can do so.

Where should the parents meeting be held?

  • The local Nazim along with local Qaid can decide to do it either in person or online. Whatever is suitable for the Qiadat.

Who needs to join the meeting?

  • Regional nazim Atfal
  • Local Nazim Atfal
  • Local Qaid
  • Local Murabbi Atfal
  • Parents of Atfal
  • The person teaching the classes if he is different from the local Murabbi Atfal and Local nazim.
  • Any other person who is important for the Qiadat’s Atfal classes. For instance, the Murabbi-e-Silsila overseeing that Qiadat can be invited.
  • A member from the National Atfal team where possible. Regional Nazim Atfal should facilitate.

Should Mothers attend?

  • Mothers and fathers or a guardian of the Atfal should attend.
  • Parents can speak over the speaker phone or drop a text in the messages if it is online. Lajna are encouraged to utilise the message system. If it is in person, they can write comments/questions on paper and pass it to the chair person.