What is the Challenge?

It is a new challenge for you during the month of Ramadan. Basically, memorise the whole of Surat-ul-Jumu’ah (Chapter 62) in the last 12 days of Ramadan. The whole chapter consists of 12 verses; so you only have to memorise one verse a day to complete the memorisation in 12 days. Good luck!

Submission Details

Will I get a prize?

Yes, absolutely. Upon completing the memorisation of Surat-ul-Jumu’ah, your name will be taken down and will be sent to Huzur (aba) requesting for prayers. In addition, you will also receive a prize according to your age group.

How do I sign up?

it’s easy, click here and complete the form

How will I send proof of my memorisation?

Once you have completed the memorisation of Surat-ul-Jumu’ah you need to send a video of yourself reciting Surat-ul-Jumu’ah via the completion form that will be sent out.

A reminder for this will be sent on the emails that will be provided in the registration form.

When do I have to send the video by?

There is a deadline for the submission of the videos of the recitation of Surat-ul-Jumu’ah and that is by the end of 31st of May 2020.

Challenge Completion Form

Please complete this form to confirm that you have completed the challenge so that your name can be taken down. JazakAllah 

To access the form, please click here.

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