What is the Challenge?

The challenge is quite simple. Complete the recitation of the Quran according to your age in the blessed month of Ramadan.

Submission Details

Will I get a prize?

Yes, absolutely. Upon completing the designated parts of the Holy Quran according to your age, your name will be taken down and will be sent to Huzur (aba) requesting for prayers. In addiction to this, you will also receive a prize.

How do I sign up?

it’s easy, click here and complete the form


please see the number of parts you need to complete depending on your age:

Amaanat (Under 7): 5 Parts
Dianat (7 to 9): 10 Parts
Sadaaqat (10 to 12): 20 Parts
Shuja’at (13 to 15): 30 Parts

How do I inform of the completion of my recitation?

A link will be provided here after the month of Ramadan whereby you will fill out a form and inform us of the completion of your recitation. So make sure you regularly check this page after Ramadan to complete your challenge. Otherwise your name will not be added.

Challenge Completion Form

Please complete this form to confirm that you have completed the challenge so that your name can be taken down. JazakAllah 

To access the form, please click here.

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