What is a Saiq?

Saiq (plural- Saiqeen) is a Tifl who is responsible for overseeing all Atfal in his respective group.

Saiq is part of local atfal amila who is responsible to keep in constant touch with Atfal in his respective group, and to perform various tasks assigned by local or regional nazim atfal.


Guidance For Atfal

What are the key duties of Saiqeen?

Saiqeen will be helping the local or regional Nazim Atfal with their duties. This is an excellent opportunity to build and acquire new skills, which can really boost your confidence. If you feel you need any training to perform your duties or if you need help in learning to make phone calls, making spreadsheets, word files or anything else, please speak to your local or Regional Nazim Atfal.


A Saiq needs to be in a regular touch with his Atfal brothers and should be aware of their issues/needs especially during critical times.


Any further responsibilities assigned by the local or Regional Nazim Atfal for the Saiq such as collecting data from Atfal, convey information to Atfal, help in the collection of chanda etc


You should set an example for your fellow Atfal brothers, be regular with your prayers, listen to huzoor’s Friday sermons and regularly write to him


Frequently Asked Questions

There is no age requirement to be a saiqeen, as long as you are atfal, you can become a saiqeen! However, saiqeen need to be responsible Tifl’s

To become a local saiq, please contact your local nazim atfal. If you would like to be a Regional saiq, please contact your regional Nazim Atfal

You can contact your local or regional nazim atfal for help, but also feel free to email the amoomi department if you have any questions or concerns on amoomi@atfal.co.uk

Download the full guide to get a better understanding on how the structure works as well as what our Huzoor has said about getting involved from a young age!

Why is a Saiqeen System important?

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad ادیهلله تعالیٰ بن صر ه ال عز یز Khalifatul Massih V, while answering a question of a Khadim regarding implementation of Saiqeen system in the United States said;

If you can implement the Saiqeen system here it will be very good and helpful. This is a real ‘grassroot level’ system and if it is implemented it can lead to a big positive change in the activities of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya and Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya.”

Guidance For Nazimeen:

Assigning saiqeen

The number of Saiqeen will depend on tajneed of the qiadat. Regional Nazimeen are responsible to contact qiadats and ask their local Nazimeen Atfal to appoint Saiqeen in their respective Qiadats. A Saiq is also a part of local amila. Regional Amila members/Murrabi Atfal will also monitor the progress of Saiqeen. However, local Nazim will be the one assigning them tasks Saiqeen Meetings should be held on regular basis at local level. Regional Saiqeen Meetings should be held on Monthly basis by Regional Nazimeen.

Saiqeen Training

Regional Nazimeen Atfal are responsible to arrange regular training sessions of Saiqeen. This should be done on regular basis.

Regions should strive to inculcate a sense of brotherhood amongst Saiqeen and with other Atfal and to develop a sense of comradery between them. Regions should make schemes for this and introduce activities in Saiqeen meetings and trainings to promote these qualities within themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

No –  A saiq must be a tifl.

Saiq is an important body in Atfal structure which is essential to strengthen the system. Firstly, it will inculcate the sense of responsibility in Atfal by engaging them in various Jama’at activities. Secondly, Saiqeen can reduce the workload of local Nazimeen Atfal in a qiadat. With Saiqeen system in place, local Nazim can easily manage Atfal by distributing responsibilities to Saiqeen.

Yes, Nazimeen should appoint saqieen even if there are few Atfal in a qiadat. It would not only encourage Atfal to partake in Jama’at activities but would also be good for the strength of Jama’at structure.

Regional Nazimeen Atfal should contact all qiadats and assign Saiqeen with the help of local Nazimeen Atfal.

They should then hold a Regional Saiqeen meeting to explain what a Saiq is. Locla Nazim should appoint their Saiqeen their responsibilities. Regional Nazimeen should help with the checking what training the Saiqeen in the region need to function properly. Then they should be given training according to their needs and requirements. Regional monthly meetings will help Saiqeen form different Qiadats share their experiences and motivate one another. 

Yes, if Nazimeen (Regional or Local) need any assistance to form, assign and train Saiqeen, they can contact National Amoomi Team who will be happy to assist. You can also email amoomi@Atfal.co.uk for further guidance & assistance who will provide you with training relevant to your roles


Download the full guide to get a better understanding of the role local and regional nazimeen play and the responsibilities they have towards their saiqeen.

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