Atfal Class Resources

Atfal Class Resources Below you will find three tables filled with resources that you can use to run your local or regional atfal classes. NOTC 2019/2020: We have uploaded all lesson slides, teacher’s notes and quizzes for both young (7  to 10) and older (11 to 15) age group. These resources are still an excellent […]

4 Stage Mechanism

The 4 Stage Mechanism The Four Stage Mechanism is a compulsory system developed for running Atfal classes professionally. It facilitates teachers to run tests and track the progress of their Atfal as they teach them the Waqfe Nau Syllabus, which is the official Atfal Syllabus. To learn more about the 4 stage Mechanism, Download the […]


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Learn Salat

Learn Salat Learn Salat Revision Resources Learning the Salaat is a fundamental part of a Tifl’s religious upbringing. To assist you with the process, we have set up this page to make learning Salaat easy and effective. The Learning sections are organised into 8 different sections starting with Niyyat all the way to Salaam. You […]

National Taleem Online Classes

National Talim Online Class what is the National Online Talim Class? Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya UK Talim department invites all Atfal from across the UK to take part in Online National Talim classes once every week. Atfal in the 7 to 10 age group & the 11 to 15 age group will have very their own dedicated […]

What is Waqf-e-Jadid?

On December 27th 1957 Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) started the blessed project called The New Dedication (Waqf-e-Jadid)
Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II(ra) planned to create a network of Mualimeen (Teachers) who should be wholly devoted to the upbringing of the members throughout the length and breadth of Pakistan

The Importance of Waqf-e-Jadid

The Importance of Waqf-e-Jadid   Huzur e Aqdas while highlighting the importance of Waqfe Jadid among the children and said that Naib Nazim Maal Waqfe Jadid India writes that when he went on a tour of Utter Pradesh he met Muhammad Fareed Anwer Sahib, secretary maal Kanpur. He paid up his pledge Waqfe Jadid contribution and invited Naib Nazim Sahib to his house in […]

How to pay Atfal Chanda

How to pay Atfal Chanda   The prescribed rate for Atfal Chanda is £12 a year (£1 per month) and Ijtema Chanda is £3 (£0.25 per month) and is only payable from when you reach the age of 7. 1. The best method to pay your Atfal Chanda is when you visit the mosque or […]

The importance of financial sacrifice

The importance of financial sacrifice   Previous Next (English rendering of Maali Qurbani, Eik Ta‘aruf) Islam International Publications, UK 2005 The system of financial sacrifice in the Jamaat is based not only on the need for funds, but on a philosophy that cannot be fully understood unless one becomes aware of this need as expounded […]