UK Football and Cricket Tour 2022

What is the tour? We are pleased to announce that Atfal U.K. is taking a Football and Cricket team to Germany, Frankfurt from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June. The cost of the trip is £150 which is subject to change Trial results Assalamu Alaikum all Atfal brothers,   We have made our final […]

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Mosque Champions Scheme

Mosque Champions Scheme Sign up Link for Mosque Champions Scheme Click the button below to sign up. Sign up Link for Mosque Champions Scheme Tracker Sheet Click the button below to get the tracker sheet. Download Tracker Sheet What is The Mosque Champions Scheme? The Mosque Champions Scheme is designed to encourage Atfal to pray […]

Region/Qiadat leaderboard

TOP REGION & QIADAT LEADERBOARD 2021/22 TOP REGION & QIADAT LEADERBOARD 2021/22 Large Qiadats Qiadats with 16 or more Atfal (Large Qiadats) Small Qiadats Qiadats with 1-15 Atfal (Small Qiadats) Regional View all Previous Leader boards Leaderboard Criteria NOTE: All data is taken from LOCAL Qiadat CARS reports. This has no bearing on Alme Inami, […]

To-do List for Naizmeen

To-Do-List for Local and Regional Nazimeen Atfal (Year 2021-2022) Atfal Monthly To-do List

Exploring the Outdoor

Explore the Outdoor This is an initiative for local Nazimeen to run in their local classes to get Atfal walking outside, exploring their local nature/wildlife and to express themselves with their photography skills. This is how you should try to prepare: Start by identifying how many Parks there are in your Local area which is […]

Khilafat Stories & Salat Quiz

What is the Khilafat stories and Salat Quiz Local Qiadat Quizzes: Must be held on either the 19th or the 20th of March 2022. Regional Quiz: They must be held during Easter Holidays of 2022 The Khilafat Stories and Salat Quiz presentation with questions for the Local Quizzes will be emailed to all local Atfal Nazimeen, […]

Creative Ideas for Nazimeen

Creative Ideas for Atfal Secretaries Covering Atfal classes, Sports and lot’s more On this page you will find suggestions based  on what other regions and Qiadats are doing as well as a compilation of ideas for your Atfal classes. it is vital to be innovative in our approach to keeping Atfal engaged. Have a look […]

Atfal Class Resources

Atfal Class Resources Below you will find three tables filled with resources that you can use to run your local or regional atfal classes. NOTC 2019/2020: We have uploaded all lesson slides, teacher’s notes and quizzes for both young (7  to 10) and older (11 to 15) age group. These resources are still an excellent […]

4 Stage Mechanism

The 4 Stage Mechanism The Four Stage Mechanism is a compulsory system developed for running Atfal classes professionally. It facilitates teachers to run tests and track the progress of their Atfal as they teach them the Waqfe Nau Syllabus, which is the official Atfal Syllabus. To learn more about the 4 stage Mechanism, Download the […]