Top Region/Qiadat Awards

TOP REGION & QIADAT AWARDS July 2021 TOP REGION & QIADAT AWARDS July 2021 Work together as a team and try to reach the top of the leader board for qiadats and regions. Every month, the leader board will be updated (based on previous month’s CARS reports).  The first leader board for the reporting month […]

Arabic Crash Course

The Arabic Crash Course is back! Learn the Arabic: the Mother of all languages during the blessed month of Ramadan. Sign up below and recap the content taught last year using the slides and video lessons shared below Register Now! Current Course Content Old Course Content New Course Content (2020/2021) Lesson Content: Lesson Videos: Old […]

Virtual Treasure Hunt

Can you crack the code? Who will be first to unlock the sheets? Do you want to test your Islamic/Salat knowledge in a fun and interactive way? The National Atfal Khidmat-e-Khalq Team has launched the virtual Treasure Hunt so you can do just that! There are two files of varying difficulty that are password protected; level […]

Exploring the Outdoor

Explore the Outdoor This is an initiative for local Nazimeen to run in their local classes to get Atfal walking outside, exploring their local nature/wildlife and to express themselves with their photography skills. This is how you should try to prepare: Start by identifying how many Parks there are in your Local area which is […]

Marching into March

Marching into March compete against other Atfal across the country in a range of active games via the Homecourt app. To compete,download the Homecourt app onto an iPhone or iPad (it’s only available on Apple devices) and create an account or log in with Gmail. How can i join? Each Atfal age group is […]

Tifl Of The Month

TIFL OF THE MOTNH – May TIFL OF THE MOTNH – May View current Leader board Previous Leader boards Nominate Tifl Every month the website will be highlighting Atfal from each local Qiadat. You can nominate a tifl for any reason, hard work during classes, participation etc. We would like to upload a photo of […]

salat tracker

Salat Tracker The Salaat Tracker Diary is being launched for all Atfal across the UK, to help encourage the observing of the five daily prayers whilst keeping a track on the improvements that you can make, on a daily basis.   I am A Tifl I am A Local Nazim Atfal I am A Regional […]

4 Stage Mechanism

What is the four stage Mechanism? FOR LOCAL ATFAL NAZIMEEN: This Syllabus allows you to run your Atfal Classes professionally. For any syllabus to be taught professionally, it requires a systematic approach and a way of tracking progress. This Atfal Class 4 Stage Mechanism aims to provide a way for local Secretaries of Majlis Atfalul […]

Learn Salat

Learn Salat Learn Salat Revision Resources Learning the Salaat is a fundamental part of a Tifl’s religious upbringing. To assist you with the process, we have set up this page to make learning Salaat easy and effective. The Learning sections are organised into 8 different sections starting with Niyyat all the way to Salaam. You […]

Ramadan Hifz Challenge

What is the Challenge? It is a new challenge for you during the month of Ramadan. Basically, memorise the whole of Surat-ul-Jumu’ah (Chapter 62) in the last 12 days of Ramadan. The whole chapter consists of 12 verses; so you only have to memorise one verse a day to complete the memorisation in 12 days. […]