National Talim Online Class

what is the National Online Talim Class?

Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya UK Talim department invites all Atfal from across the UK to take part in Online National Talim classes once every week.

Atfal in the 7 to 10 age group & the 11 to 15 age group will have very their own dedicated classes. With lots of activities, quizzes, stories and learning.

Starting from the 6th of December, these classes will be held every week on Sundays at 11am.

How can I take part?

These classes will take place online on the Zoom App. Register above, if you haven’t done so already. And we will email you a link to join these classes. You only need to fill this registration form once. If you accidently missed any of the previous classes, then you can find all of the lesson material and quizzes at the end of this page.

You will need a microphone when joining the class. Make sure you also have a pen and paper with you to take notes!

If you have any questions then speak to your Regional Nazim Atfal today!

What can you expect?

You can expect great activities, discussions, stories & Q/As with teachers. You will also be set some personal targets and homework during each class. And don’t forget to attempt the revision quizzes on this page, at the end of each class!

So, don’t miss this great opportunity to increase your knowledge, make the most of your holidays and be a part of this brand new event.

Learning Material 2020 / 2021
Lesson Material
(7 to 10)
Teacher's Notes:Lesson Material
(11 to 15)
Kahoot Quiz:
Sat, 5 December Lesson-01-SagheerLesson-01-NotesLesson-01-KabeerLesson-01-Notesquiz 1
Sat, 12 December Lesson-02-SagheerLesson-02-NotesLesson-02-KabeerLesson-02-Notesquiz 2
Sun, 20 December Lesson-03-SagheerLesson-03-NotesLesson-03-KabeerLesson-03-Notesquiz 3
Sun, 27 December Lesson-04-SagheerLesson-04-NotesLesson-04-KabeerLesson-04-Notesquiz 4
Sun, 03 January Lesson-05-SagheerLesson-05-NotesLesson-05-KabeerLesson-05-Notesquiz 5
Sun, 10 January Lesson-06-SagheerLesson-06-NotesLesson-06-KabeerLesson-06-Notesquiz 6
Sun, 17 January Lesson-07-SagheerLesson-07-NotesLesson-07-KabeerLesson-07-Notesquiz 7
Sun, 24 January Lesson-08-SagheerLesson-08-NotesLesson-08-KabeerLesson-08-Notesquiz 8
Sun, 07 February Lesson-09-SagheerLesson-09-NotesLesson-09-KabeerLesson-09-Notesquiz 9
Sun, 14 February Lesson-10-SagheerLesson-10-NotesLesson-10-KabeerLesson-10-Notesquiz 10
Sun, 21 February Lesson-11-SagheerLesson-11-NotesLesson-11-KabeerLesson-11-Notesquiz 11
Sun, 28 February Lesson-12-SagheerLesson-12-NotesLesson-12-KabeerLesson-12-Notesquiz 12
Sun, 07 March Lesson-13-SagheerLesson-13-NotesLesson-13-KabeerLesson-13-Notesquiz 13
Sun, 14 March Lesson-14-SagheerLesson-14-NotesLesson-14-KabeerLesson-14-Notesquiz 14
Sun, 21 March Lesson-15-SagheerLesson-15-NotesLesson-15-KabeerLesson-15-NotesContent Not Yet Available
Sun, 28 March Lesson-16-SagheerLesson-16-NotesLesson-16-Kabeer
Lesson-16-NotesContent Not Yet Available
Sun, 04 AprilLesson-17-SagheerLesson-17-NotesLesson-17-KabeerLesson-17-NotesContent Not Yet Available