What is the tour?

We are pleased to announce that Atfal U.K. is taking a Football and Cricket team to Germany, Frankfurt from Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June. The cost of the trip is £150 which is subject to change

Trial results

Assalamu Alaikum all Atfal brothers,


We have made our final decision. By the Grace of Allah, over 100 Atfal took part in trials from London, Birmingham and Manchester for Football and Cricket. There is the main and reserves squad. Those in the main squad have been chosen to represent Atfal UK in Germany. The reserve squad is in place on standby in case some members in the main squad are not able to make it for any reason. Players in the reserve squad will be notified in good time to make proper arrangements.


Those who have been chosen now, please contact Umar Bhatti (Secretary Sehet-e-Jismani) on 07823505277 or [email protected]



Main squad

• Zain Malek (West Midlands)

• Yaqoob Ahmad (Darul Aman)

• Ayaan Ahmed Rana (Muqami)

• Salman Ali (South)

• Aaban Ahmed (Baitul Ehsan)

• Mahir Musawer (Nasir)

• Tahir Rafeel Ahmad (Baitul Futuh)

• Kashif Shahzad (Baitun Noor)

• Areeb Qaisar (Mahmood)

• Sameed Tahir (Nasir)


Reserve (in no particular order)

• Yusuf Ahmedi (West Midlands)

• Faran Anwar (North East)

• Zeeshan Mahmood (Muqami)

• Shumyal Ahmad Khan (Baitul Ehsan)

• Barika Hashim (Bashir)

• Zinedine Tariq (Middlesex)



Main squad

• Anas Ahmad (North West)

• Kamran Atif (North West)

• Fraz Khan (Baitul Ehsan)

• Samar Ahmed (Baitul Ehsan)

• Rohan Ahmed (Baitul Ehsan)

• Haris Khan (Muqami)

• Qasid Ahmad Shahid (Baitun Noor)

• Wahab Yaqub (Baitul Ehsan)

• Ibrahim Ayyubi (Baitul Ehsan)

• Khurram Salman Ahmad (Nasir)



• Sarmad Bhatti (Baitus Subhan)

• Mudasar Ahmad Khan (Nasir)