Virtual Treasure Hunt

Can you crack the code? 
Who will be first to unlock the sheets?
Do you want to test your Islamic/Salat knowledge in a fun and interactive way?

The National Atfal Khidmat-e-Khalq Team has launched the virtual Treasure Hunt so you can do just that!

There are two files of varying difficulty that are password protected; level 1 and level 2. In order to unlock these files, you will need to read a clue sheet that has an array of Islamic questions, each of which will give you a character towards the password protected files. The clues will often lead you to an article, book or post on the Atfal or Al-islam website. It is up to you to check these posts and work towards unlocking the password protected sheets!

Should you manage to unlock the file, it will display a secret message you will need to relay to your Regional/Local Nazim Atfal.

Take part in this by accessing the documents below, when you have completed level 1 contact your Regional or Local Nazim Atfal for level 2!