Due to the COVID-19 regulations, we have had to scale down this years ijtema. As a result, only atfal between the ages of 12 -15 can attend. The Ijtema will be an invite only event this year so please make sure you register before hand.


Find out all about the Team quiz by clicking on the button below:


For Team sports – Football and Dodgeball – you will need to speak to your Local/Regional Nazim Atfal and submit a team. Only 1 Team per region.

Yes. There are individual sports, Table Tennis and Athletics, you can take part in. Again, speak to your Local/Regional Nazim Atfal for more information

please use the “WhatsApp us!” Feature in the bottom left hand side to speak to the Atfal Ijtema support team.  


Atfal MasterChef is back due to high demand!

All cooking utensils and ingredients will be provided, the only things you need to bring are your great cooking skills!

the preliminary rounds will be held on Saturday. all teams will have the chance to create either a sandwich panini or burger, and you will have the chance to make it hot or cold.

in the final rounds, the teams will need to create a cake from scratch!

points will be awarded on teamwork, presentation, hygiene and taste!

if you have any questions, use the “WhatsApp Us” Feature!

if you would like to take part, sign up by Thursday 16th September using the button below!

Atfal Bucket List

All the activities that are on at Ijtema will be part of a bucket list which will part of the programme that will be handed to you upon entry at Ijtema. If you take part in the activities such as academics and sports, you will receive stickers for each bucket item. Once you receive enough stickers, you will win a special prize from the Khuddam Bazar!

Mission Impossible

Experience Wall

Here you will have the chance to share your personal faith inspiring experiences about God, Durood Shareef and Khilafat. You can also read those amazing experiences of others! You can send these to us even before Ijtema at [email protected] with a photo of yourself and we will put it on the Experience wall at Ijtema.

Young Volunteer Scheme

A chance for you to see and help out with the behind the running of the ijtema. You can sign-up for this on the ijtema registration form

Jamia Helpers

Watch out after lunch for our Jamia Helpers who will hold a live Nazm session and other fun games whilst they are walking around at the Ijtema!

Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is filled with games and activities for atfal to enjoy. including the following:
Guess my Route
Big tic tac toe
Shift the ball challenge
Dart Throw
Football Shootout
Assault Course
And lots more!

Young Muavineen Championship

This championship will have three main components:

Event Setup– A group of atfal will be given a table, table cloth, chairs and cutlery etc, and they will be asked to setup a table for VIP guest within given time. Marks will be provided for presentation, setup and decoration.

Quiz– A quiz will be held in which atfal (in teams) will participate and answer few questions about structure of MKA, role of a department (I.e. Sej, Tarbiyyat etc)

We will also have some safety training exercises! 

If you would like to take part, speak to your regional nazim atfal!


Unfortunately, due to government restrictions on public events, we have had to limit the number of Atfal and Khuddam that can attend this year’s Ijtema. 

Old Park Farm
Sickles Lane 
GU35 9PD 

Remember to bring the following:

  • AIMS id
  • Prayer Hat
  • Prayer Mat 
  • Face mask
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Water Bottle
  • Notepad
  • Pen

During Ijtema and any other event organised by Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya we are requesting all attendees to wear face masks.

The government is still recommending the use of facemasks or coverings to be worn in crowded indoor environments. As everyone moves at their own pace as society reopens it is important, now more than ever, to be respectful of those around us.

As an organisation we are encouraging the use of facemasks or coverings when you meet in an indoor or outdoor spaces. We understand that this might not be possible in all situations, especially when you are eating or drinking, therefore we ask you to be considerate of your peers and give people extra space if you choose or are unable to wear a mask.

We understand this is a highly emotional time and it’s been a prolonged period where you haven’t seen your fellow  Atfal brothers. However, we need to ensure we keep everyone safe including yourselves whilst attending. Therefore if we can refrain from hand shaking and hugging. Bumping of elbows is permitted.

Due to covid restriction we will not be able to make additional arrangements for guests as we are trying to maximise arrangements for Khuddam and Atfal at Ijtema. 

Atfal do not have to be vaccinated.

We encourage everyone to self-test using later flow testing which is available from your local pharmacy. This test should be no more than 24 hours before your arrival. You will be asked to show proof of negative test by uploading your test results to the NHS app (separate to the NHS test and trace app) or website (https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result).

No, Please do not attend.

There is a very limited amount of accommodation available which will be given out on a first come first serve basis. Please contact your local or regional qaid.

Please speak to the following people:

  • Local Nazim Atfal
  • Local Qaid
  • Regional Nazim Atfal
  • Regional Qaid

if you are still struggling to find transport, please use the “WhatsApp us!” Feature in the bottom left hand side to speak to the Atfal Ijtema support team.  

please use the “WhatsApp us!” Feature in the bottom left hand side to speak to the Atfal Ijtema support team.  


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