About Us

“Nations Cannot be Reformed Without the Reformation of the Youth.”

Hazrat Musleh Mau`ud Founder of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya

The purpose of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya is to prepare Ahmadi children in a proper manner so that they may be moulded in such a way that they are able to utilise their God gifted abilities towards the progress of the Jama’at.


While God has emphasized upon the believers to keep themselves away from the fire of His displeasure, He has also made them responsible for their families. Thus, along with self-reformation they must also reform their families and thus fulfil the responsibility of reforming their future generations.



In the world we see that in order for a nation to progress, it is necessary to establish a proper system for training of future generations, so that after they receive adequate training, they can shoulder the system established by their predecessors and become capable of furthering its progress. We have also seen that the best time for the training of a generation is in its childhood. In this age, the state of heart and mind is clean. Whatever imprints are placed in the heart of a child, they will not be easy to be removed in a later period.