Salat Tracker

The Salaat Tracker Diary is being launched for all Atfal across the UK, to help encourage the observing of the five daily prayers whilst keeping a track on the improvements that you can make, on a daily basis.  

How can i ensure that i am on Track?

Request your Local Nazim Atfal for the Salaat Tracker Diary.

Print the diary out and start filling it in (or if you don’t have one, request your local Nazim to deliver it to you or you can always make your own replica on paper.)

Make sure you fill the diary out on a daily basis.

Submit the diary after every two weeks to your Local Nazim.


Your responsibilities:

Reporting Data:

Once the Atfal have completed the diary send the data to your Regional Nazim. Data/report should include:

  • Number of Atfal that regularly submit the diary to you.
  • Any concerns/issues.

Your responsibilities:

Reporting Data:

Every two weeks, regional nazimeen will need to fill out a report which will be provided from centre.In this report, regional nazimeen will mention:

  • how many qiadats have started using the diary system
  • how many atfal from the region are actively submitting their forms to their local nazim
    Results will be displayed on a leader board system