Creative Ideas for Atfal Secretaries

Covering Atfal classes, Sports and lot's more

On this page you will find suggestions based  on what other regions and Qiadats are doing as well as a compilation of ideas for your Atfal classes. it is vital to be innovative in our approach to keeping Atfal engaged. Have a look and do submit any successful and innovative initiatives you are running through the “Submit Your Initiative” section


Spotlighting Initiatives

Below you can find successful initiatives being run by qiadats and regions. Try implementing these ideas in your own areas!

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We would like to help promote the positive work that is happening in your Qiadats and regions. One of the ways we would like to do this is through the spotlighting initiatives so that others can benefit from your ideas.

Spotlighted initiatives can include anything special the Qiadat or Region is doing in their local classes or regional events, like innovative or special efforts to increase participation, any special outdoor activities or any innovative methods being adopted to engage Atfal. You can submit the ideas using the form below.

 This way, members of the atfal amilas across all stages can share ideas and help run their events and campaigns more successfully.

Please go into as much detail as you would like on the form below. We would request a minimum of 300 words.

Please upload a photo of yourself as well as photos or attachments of the ideas being discussed so we can share them. 


How can we make Atfal Classes more engaging?

Below you can find lots of different suggestions that will help you make your Atfal classes more engaging.


  • Play clips of Huzoor during his Q&A sessions with Atfal etc.
  • General knowledge questions to be asked and discussed in Atfal classes
  • Run a leader board section of whoever gets best monthly award and gifts as book
  • Allow Atfal to talk to each other. Before the lockdown Atfal were able to talk to each other during the classes even if it was during the breaks or before and after the class. Now there are less opportunities. May be have some time in the class where Atfal can talk to each out rather than just talking to the teacher.
  • Get Atfal to talk about their daily routines.
  • Get Atfal to read a paragraph each from, for example, the Atfal book of the year.
  • Hold ‘parents evenings.’
  • Empower Atfal by asking Atfal on how they would like the classes to be run and letting them have an input so they take a keener interest.
  • Run quizzes using online platforms such as Kahoot and Slido

  • hold local level discussions on current affairs. Talk about things Atfal like, for example, football, bringing in role models and motivational speakers
  • Have the older/more mature Atfal to teach the younger Atfal or make presentation. It can break the ice and be more comfortable.
  • Use live polls on Teams App (or others) to keep Atfal engaged
  • Teachers should use visuals and Presentations for making classes more engaging
  • There are schools who are posting out Packages to students which are received very well by students. They contain a Pen, pencil, book etc. Something similar can be done by local Nazimeen whereby they deliver something to the Atfal doors and give the Atfal a package – could even deliver things like the Atfal Salat diary along with a chocolate box.
  • Don’t think like a teacher, but thing like a friend. When taking the attendance; ask a question like what is your favourite colour etc. After some time Atfal will become more comfortable.
  • Use an online whiteboard to make learning different. Atfal can draw answers on the whiteboard. for example is a good tool.
  • Discuss current affairs with Atfal like going through a newspaper together with them or asking Atfal to bring a news story each and explain it in the class and why they chose that story.
  • Nazimeen should keep a record of where each Tifl is in terms of their Namaz and do 1 to 1 sessions with Atfal to improve the area that they need help with.
  • Ask Atfal to make hand made posters on subjects such as importance of Salat. 

How can we incorporate Sehet-e-jismani activities online?

Below you can find lots of different suggestions to incorporate different Sehet-e-jismani activities in your Atfal classes

  • Weekly Fitness class HITT program – start slowly. Some Qiadats use experts in their own classes such as people with blackbelts to teach Atfal. 
  • Hold a walking competition with and one way could be to use apps such as strava or the Adidas App.  Create a group for your local or regional Atfal.
  • Hold a Healthy plate competition where Atfal show their healthy platter
  • Set a challenge for Atfal like football ‘Kickups challenge’ or badminton ‘wall-shuttle’ challenge or ‘paper aeroplane challenge’, ‘Keep the ball up with a bat challenge’. Create an excel table to bring competitiveness. Ask Atfal to record their attempts and send in to Nazim Atfal.
  • Tell Atfal to go outside and find signs that show the present season and to bring them into the next class or take a photo and show in the Atfal class.
  • Ask Atfal to go outside and take 3 interesting photos of nature or anything else the Nazim decides. The Nazim can set a challenge like: Take a photo of these three things: A worm, a pigeon, the local park.  


  • Hold a virtual lunch together – Invite Atfal to cook something and everyone eat together online in a video call
  • Encourage Sanato Tijarat activities like ‘model building’ with regular household items.
  • Hold More Q&A sessions on Regional level.
  • Hold more quizzes.