What is the four stage Mechanism?

FOR LOCAL ATFAL NAZIMEEN: This Syllabus allows you to run your Atfal Classes professionally. For any syllabus to be taught professionally, it requires a systematic approach and a way of tracking progress. This Atfal Class 4 Stage Mechanism aims to provide a way for local Secretaries of Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya to track the progress of their Atfal as the Atfal make their way through the Waqfe Nau Syllabus, which is the official syllabus for Atfalul Ahmadiyya too. Not only track Atfal’s progress, it encourages local secretaries to reward Atfal for progressing through the Waqfe Nau syllabus by dividing major parts* of the Waqfe Nau Syllabus into stages and has created a method for giving points for completing different tasks.

Tracking Progress

You can use the excel sheet to track the progress of Atfal. Start by adding every Tifl's name, and carry out a original test (Or estimate the level they are at based on reading the guidance document) to find out their current level. Every time you conduct the test you should make sure you update the spreadsheet. This will make it extremely easy to log each Tifl’s progress and it can be displayed in the class to show other Atfal where others stand and so it will serve as a to create transparency and motivate other Atfal who are lagging behind.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not compulsory to follow this style within a Qiadat, however once implemented properly, it can be very useful. This mechanism  is not ideal for classes at a regional level, rather it works most efficiently at local level with class size no larger than 20 or 25 at the most. This Syllabs method aims to solve the issue of:

  • Repetitive content for Atfal in classes
  • Loss of interest by Atfal due to lack of progress
  • Difficulties tracking progress of individual Atfal
  • Lack of communication between parents and local secretaries

The way we have broken down the Waqfe Nau syllabus into 4 stages aims to accelerate the learning process while making it as simple as possible to track each Tifl’s progress for the teacher. The checklist nature of the syllabus makes it into a report card for Atfal and parents to see.

Of course. Use this as a foundation to build upon based on the requirements and initiatives within your Qiadat. You may wish to remove some elements as well based on the needs of your particular Qiadat and move them into another stage or section.

Starting simple with mentions during classes and regional events, you can build up to a monthly/quarterly parent’s evening where Atfal who have made significant progress are rewarded while at the same time reports of each individual Atfal are shared with the parents. Simply showing a leader board and having transparency of the progress of different Atfal is also a good method.

You do not have to. We leave this up to you. One alternative would be to reward Atfal at 25% or 50% completion of a stage as well as 100%. This way you won’t see Atfal slowing down midway through a stage.

We leave it up to you to decided when and how a Tifl should be rewarded. Think about what additional tasks could be added to assist you with other initiatives running regionally or nationally and how you could reward the Atfal appropriately for their efforts.

While we understand that it would be very difficult to assess each Tifl on their progress each week, we do certainly suggest that you keep giving Atfal homework each week and create a rota to test each tifl over a week every once in a while. You could may be do a test once a month for all Atfal and goive them opportunity to progress in a stage or move onto next stage or you could create a rota and test a few (2 or 3?) Atfal every week in a class.

It is entirely up to you. You might feel this is a very poor method to teach as Atfal will lose concentration if they jut have to be quiet and learn a particular section. Instead use the classes as a means to remind and motivate and answer questions and keep classes engaging through quizes and presentations etc. Share the progress of Atfal openly to encourage those lagging behind to make more effort.

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If at any stage you require any clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!