How we reached 90% Participation in the Winter Reading Challenge

Awab Ahmad, Nazim Atfal Fazl Mosque Region 

Alhamdolillah, by the Grace of Allah, our region was able to achieve 90% participation in the Winter Reading Challenge launched by the National Taleem department. I would like to shortly explain the methods we adopted to aim for maximum participation.

Poster Shared
Initially, when the challenge was launched, a poster and message was shared in the Atfal News group chat for the region, and the local Atfal Nazimeen shared this in their respective groups too.

Calling Campaign
Following this, the local Nazimeen started calling the Atfal to inform them of the challenge and to take part in it. A great effort was made to ensure all the Atfal were called. The participants list sent regularly by the National department was particularly useful to identify and target the Atfal.

Saiqeen System
Those Atfal Nazimeen who had appointed Saiqeen, used them to contact the Atfal in their qiadat too. This was done to ensure all Atfal had been informed and that they could be persuaded by their Atfal brothers to participate as well.

Regional Team to buffer local efforts
A small regional team was also set up consisting of 5 members. The names of the Atfal who didn’t pick up were sent to this team. The regional team tried to contact them themselves. Additionally, Atfal who knew these Atfal were asked to attempt to contact them too.



A Tracker
From the information gathered from the local Atfal Nazimeen, a tracker was made on Google Sheets. This made it easier to identify the status of each Tifl; whether they had registered, not picked up the call, or if their contact number was incorrect.

In the end, I can say without a doubt that this achievement was only possible due to the team effort of our region. The local Nazimeen put in excellent effort to contact their Atfal, and the region provided any additional assistance which they required. I am grateful to them all for this.