Create a 3D Mosque

Whilst I spent over a decade at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, I was receiving vast amounts of packaging changes from pharmaceutical firms. Companies applying to alter the carton/ blister/ foil including the safety warnings etc.

Through this I became to think? how can I use a piece of A4 card to create a carton without the need for any adhesive or other fixing. This idea then sprung to mind. I have drafted a design which could provide some activity for children/ adults alike.

(see attached file) As you can see the method to bring the model to life involves some intricate cutting around the outline and then creasing and folding this card into various slits which have been placed in six areas of the model.

Ideally You should use card to make this model (e.g. use a 220GSM of bit higher) even a cereal box can be used. If you can print the template on card will help.

Please be very careful when using scissors, you should ask your parents for assistance and this activity should be completed under adult supervision 

-Salim Ahmed Rahim (Mitcham local Atfal Secretary)