Explore the Outdoor

This is an initiative for local Nazimeen to run in their local classes to get Atfal walking outside, exploring their local nature/wildlife and to express themselves with their photography skills. This is how you should try to prepare:

  • Start by identifying how many Parks there are in your Local area which is easily accessible for Atfal. Once you have identified how many and which Parks there are, plan around that Park. For example, Wimbledon Park Qiadat will choose their local Park – Wimbledon Park.
  • If you know the Park well, try to make a long list of things they can take a photo of, but only assign 5 items. For example, to give you some guidance – biggest leaf, smallest dog, parks local notice board, best picture of the park, signboards, weirdest stone, tallest and smallest tree, and many more. Make it unique and challenging to your local area. Include a bonus round of taking a picture of the local grocery store, best nature photo etc. you see on the route to and from the Park.
  • Atfal should be encouraged to walk with their family members to and from the Park. But if it is not possible, then it not the end of the world, they can take the car.
  • The Atfal should be the ones taking the pictures and not their parents, even though they can assist to help them. This reason being is so they can develop their photography skills.
  • Ask the Atfal to submit their pictures it to you either via forms or WhatsApp, whatever suits you.
  • When you have received all the submissions you should create a league table so that Atfal can see what progress is being made and they can also compete against each other. Points should be given for the following: 1) completing the challenge 2) best category for each list 3) if they walked to and from the park 4) bonus round completed 5) best set of pictures overall and 6) (any other things you can think of)
  • Once you have set the challenge, it should be active for 2 weeks (ideally 10 days to do it, 4 days to think of new ideas and create a leader board) before you change the list again and if you have different Parks in your area, that should also be changed.
  • Remember, these rules are not set and therefore can be changed according to your circumstances: Tajneed is small, your geographical location (some Qiadats are small, others are huge), your own initiative and rules. It is your prerogative; these are basic guidance to help you start

You can use the links below to help you:



If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Sehet-e-Jismani via email [email protected] or by telephone and text 07823505277

-Umar Bhatti (National Secretary Sehet-e-jismani)