How we made our regional Rally innovative

A virtual rally committee was formed with both local nazimeen and regional atfal amila members. The purpose behind formulating a committee was to develop the atfal so they are well equipped as they transition into Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya. The inclusive environment brought out innovative ideas. Two very exciting group competitions were finalised which were called LCatergorise and Guess Who. The rule for LCatergorise was to form a team of four per qiadat. The captain assigned each member with a category: Country/City, Food, Name and Object. The team captain then chose a number which corresponded to a specific letter. The team then came up with the longest word for each category. The rules for the second competition, Guess Who, did not have a limit of the number of people in the team. A picture appeared on the screen which was covered by five blocks. In order to remove a block, a question must be answered. If the question is answered correctly then the block can be removed. A team can gain a maximum of fifty points plus bonus points for guessing the high profile personnel. Each individual was allocated a role and responsibility. They were as follows:

Musawar Ahmad (Regional Nazim Atfal) – find five judges and create online marking sheets

Adeel Tahir – create video collage for the opening session to keep atfal engaged

Jazaib Shah and Haaris Shah – organise the opening session content: Tilawat, Translation, and Nazm

Khaqan Bhatti and Qasid Bhatti – responsible for taking registration on the day

Aashir Ahmad, Farasat Ahmad and Sarmad Bhatti – created the group competitions and posters by hand for promotion

All Nazimeen – focussed on attendance and reached out to the atfal

-Musawar Ahmad (Baitus Subhan Region)