Marching into March

compete against other Atfal across the country in a range of active games via the Homecourt app. To compete,download the Homecourt app onto an iPhone or iPad (it’s only available on Apple devices) and create an account or log in with Gmail.

How can i join?

Each Atfal age group is colour co-ordinated to show which Atfal should be competing in which timed version of each game. When you send your scores in you will need to make sure you have competed in the correct timed version for your age group.


  • A – Amaanat (Under 7s)
  • D – Dianat (7-9)
  • S – Sadaqaat (10-12)
  • Sh – Shuja’at (13-15)


  • You can have as many attempts at each game as you like. Just make sure to send in your best score by latest 8pm on the allocated day or your score won’t be taken forward.
  • Your scores will be taken and added to an overall league table.
  • At the end of each week we will endeavour to update the table and make it available online for you to see how you have done in comparison to other Atfal in your age group.
  • Everyday you need to submit your scores via email ([email protected]) with your screenshot
  • You will need to submit a screenshot of your best score as evidence.
  • Here’s an example below of what we need to see to qualify your score (Image A and B)
  • Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything special to get to these images! They will automatically be stored for you in the profile section of the app. All you need to do is take a screenshot and send them in. 

Helpful tips

  • Find a space in your home or outside that is spacious enough to play the game in. Make sure it isn’t in an area where you may knock things over or bang into objects or other people!
  • Take time to navigate the app and get used to trying the games. You can have as many attempts as you like so get to grips with how to set it up before sending in your best scores.
  • Start to develop your fitness now to improve your scores. If you have some time between reading this and starting March Madness, then make an effort to do more home exercises, runs, cycles to develop your overall fitness. This will help improve your scores when you come to doing them for real. Take a look at the Atfal SEJ page for ideas.
  • Any questions, you can contact the SEJ Team on [email protected]