My leaderboard for the 4 Stage Mechanism

I have used the 4 stage scheme to make a checklist with topics from the scheme, the point of the checklist is to allow atfal to track what topics they’re learning, and also learn extra things for homework. These topics will make up an exam which will be done in the last class of the month. This exam will mostly be made up of Salat and translation, whereas there are a few general knowledge + islamic questions.

There is also a leaderboard, which will rank the atfal based on 3 things:
1. top 3 in the exams
2. Salat diary
3. WaqreAmal
The top ranking in the exams will get points, one full day of 5 prayers is a point and a picture of the tifil tidying/cleaning in their house is a point. This encourages the atfal to get involved with their Namaz and helping out at home.
These points help the atfal climb up the leaderboard, which is available to all atfal to view. The person at the top of the leaderboard will get a prize every month or 2-3 months.

   -Mubariz mansoor Malik (Nazim Atfal, Worcester Park)