Verbal Salat Assessments

Majlis Atfalul Ahmadiyya endeavours to ensure that all our Atfal are making an active effort to learn Salat and it’s translation according to their age and ability. As a result, we have devised a comprehensive and regularly implemented series of Verbal Salat Assessments that: Provide the Atfal with an opportunity to learn and test their […]


MAA UK is giving Atfal an opportunity to serve their Jamaat to understand the spirit of Jamaat work and its importance in one’s spiritual development. All opportunities of Khidmat (service) will be related to this year’s theme Muhammad (sa) – The Perfect Preacher. Below are options that you can choose to apply to, you may […]

Local and Regional Monthly Rankings

REGIONS & QIADATS MONTHLY RANKINGS 2023/24 REGIONS & QIADATS MONTHLY RANKINGS 2023/24 Large Qiadats Qiadats with 16 or more Atfal (Large Qiadats) Small Qiadats Qiadats with 1-15 Atfal (Small Qiadats) Regional View all Previous Rankings Please click below to see Local and Regional Ranking Criteria Local and Regional Ranking Criteria Please click below to see […]

salat tracker

Salat Tracker The Salaat Tracker Diary is being launched for all Atfal across the UK, to help encourage the observing of the five daily prayers whilst keeping a track on the improvements that you can make, on a daily basis. I am A Tifl I am A Local Nazim Atfal I am A Regional Nazim […]

Ramadan Quran Challenge

Ramadan Quran Challenge What is the Challenge? The challenge is quite simple. Complete the recitation of the Quran according to your age in the blessed month of Ramadan. Click Here to Sign up Submission Details Will I get a prize? Upon completing the designated parts of the Holy Quran according to your age, your name […]