The Importance of Waqf-e-Jadid

Huzur e Aqdas while highlighting the importance of Waqfe Jadid among the children and said that Naib Nazim Maal Waqfe Jadid India writes that when he went on a tour of Utter Pradesh he met Muhammad Fareed Anwer Sahib, secretary maal Kanpur. He paid up his pledge Waqfe Jadid contribution and invited Naib Nazim Sahib to his house in the evening. There he told Naib Nazim Sahib that his eight year old daughter Sajeela had been waiting for him for two days. Sajeela quietly went in and brought her money box. She gave it to Naib Nazim Sahib and said she had saved money all year round for chanda.

She asked him to take the money and give her a receipt. The money box had Rupee 735. He was amazed to see the eight year old who is also a Waqfe Nau member. She had herself pledged for Waqfe Jadid and paid more than she had pledged.

Who can instil this spirit in children but God alone! Parents too should maintain a religious environment in homes and time and again explain to the children the significance of giving chanda along with telling them about other good things and worship of God. There are also instances where children paid chanda and were told that their father had already paid on their behalf but children said that their father would get the reward for whatever he paid and they wanted to pay themselves from their pocket money.

Our missionary from Kenema region of Sierra Leone writes about Haji Sheiku Sahib who said that previously he used to pay Waqfe Jadid chanda on behalf of his children but this year he asked his daughter to make her own pledge and also pay from her own pocket. When secretary Waqfe Jadid Sahib came to take pledges Dr Haji Sheiku asked his daughter to get her pledge registered and she said she would pay Leone 10,000. Dr Sahib says he thought she would perhaps pledge 3000 or 4000 but when she said 10,000 her mother asked how you will pay such a large amount. Dr Sahib asked his wife not to say anything and let the girl pledge whatever she wished to. After a few days some relatives came to visit the family and as they left they gifted his daughter Leone 15,000. His daughter instantly gave 10,000 to his father saying it was her chanda that she had pledged.

God has immensely blessed Ahmadis and their children living in far-off places with sincerity and they understand the significance of chanda. Who could inspire their hearts but God! Even then the blind of the world do not see that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) was sent from God. It should also be remembered that newcomers to Ahmadiyyat are developing most rapidly in sincerity and long-term Ahmadis should also pay attention to develop in doing good and should pay attention with great concern.

Last year we sent Waqfe Jadid collection boxes to all atfal so that they can collect and pay their Waqfe Jadid chanda on monthly basis from their own collection.