Marching into March

Marching into March compete against other Atfal across the country in a range of active games via the Homecourt app. To compete,download the Homecourt app onto an iPhone or iPad (it’s only available on Apple devices) and create an account or log in with Gmail. How can i join? Each Atfal age group is colour […]

Salaat Quiz

Local Qiadat Quizzes: Must be held on either the 13th or the 14th of March 2021. Regional Quiz: They must be held on either the 27th or 28th of March 2021  What is the Salaat Quiz The Salat Quiz is a team quiz based on testing the Arabic and Translation of Salat. It is designed […]

Tifl Of The Month

TIFL OF THE MOTNH TIFL OF THE MOTNH From March, every month we will be highlighting one tifl from each Qiadat.  Atfal of the month board Nominate Tifl Every month the website will be highlighting Atfal from each local Qiadat. You can nominate a tifl for any reason, hard work during classes, participation etc. We […]

Salat Diary

Salat DIARY The Salaat  Diary is being launched for all Atfal across the UK, to help encourage the observing of the five daily prayers whilst keeping a track on the improvements that you can make, on a daily basis. I am A Tifl I am A Local Nazim Atfal I am A Regional Nazim Atfal […]

Atfal Class Resources

Below you will find three tables filled with resources that you can use to run your local or regional atfal classes. NOTC 2019/2020: We have uploaded all lesson slides, teacher’s notes and quizzes for both young (7  to 10) and older (11 to 15) age group. These resources are still an excellent base for local […]

Top Region/Qiadat Awards

TOP REGION & QIADAT AWARDS TOP REGION & QIADAT AWARDS Work together as a team and try to reach the top of the leader board for qiadats and regions. Every month, the leader board will be updated (based on previous month’s CARS reports). First leader board will be up in beginning of APRIL! Leader Board […]

Saiqeen Scheme

What is a Saiq? Saiq (plural- Saiqeen) is a Tifl who is responsible for overseeing all Atfal in his respective group. Saiq is part of local atfal amila who is responsible to keep in constant touch with Atfal in his respective group, and to perform various tasks assigned by local or regional nazim atfal.   […]

4 Stage Mechanism

What is the four stage Mechanism? FOR LOCAL ATFAL NAZIMEEN: This Syllabus allows you to run your Atfal Classes professionally. For any syllabus to be taught professionally, it requires a systematic approach and a way of tracking progress. This Atfal Class 4 Stage Mechanism aims to provide a way for local Secretaries of Majlis Atfalul […]


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