MAA UK is giving Atfal an opportunity to serve their Jamaat to understand the spirit of Jamaat work and its importance in one’s spiritual development. All opportunities of Khidmat (service) will be related to this year’s theme Muhammad (sa) – The Perfect Preacher. Below are options that you can choose to apply to, you may […]

Ushaaq ul Masjid

Ushaaq ul Masjid (Mosque Lovers) Download Tracker Sign Up Now! What is The Mosque Champions Scheme? The Ushaaq ul Masajid scheme is being organised to encourage Atfal across the country to pray salat in their local Mosques or Salat Centres. The main purpose of this scheme is to devise a plan that would help Atfal in being […]

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Mosque Champions Scheme

Mosque Champions Scheme Sign up Link for Mosque Champions Scheme Click the button below to sign up. Sign up Link for Mosque Champions Scheme Tracker Sheet Click the button below to get the tracker sheet. Download Tracker Sheet What is The Mosque Champions Scheme? The Mosque Champions Scheme is designed to encourage Atfal to pray […]

salat tracker

Salat Tracker The Salaat Tracker Diary is being launched for all Atfal across the UK, to help encourage the observing of the five daily prayers whilst keeping a track on the improvements that you can make, on a daily basis. I am A Tifl I am A Local Nazim Atfal I am A Regional Nazim […]

What is Yawm-E-Musleh Maud?

Musleh-e-Maud: The Prophecy and its Fulfillment   (Friday Sermon “Musleh-e-Maud: The Prophecy and its Fulfillment”) After reciting the Tashahud, Ta‘awuz, and Surah al-Fatihah, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaa stated: These days Yaum-e-Musleh-e-Maud [Musleh-e-Maud Day] is being commemorated in the Jamaat, i.e. regarding the fulfilment of the prophecy in which God Almighty gave glad tidings to the […]

Three Peaks Challenge

What is the Challenge? Majlis Atfalul-Ahmadiyya UK is launching three brand new challenges by the name of the “Three Peaks Challenge.” Join your Atfal brothers from across the UK for this challenge and win some amazing and exclusive prizes. Submission Details What are the three challenges? Friday Sermon Challenge Spring Reading Challenge Daily Salat Challenge […]

Ramadan Hifz Challenge

What is the Challenge? It is a new challenge for you during the month of Ramadan. Basically, memorise the whole of Surat-ul-Jumu’ah (Chapter 62) in the last 12 days of Ramadan. The whole chapter consists of 12 verses; so you only have to memorise one verse a day to complete the memorisation in 12 days. […]