Oxford - Bashir Region

Name: Aarish Ansari

Nominated Because: “Aarish has regularly joined and contributed in our weekly regional taleem classes and our regional virtual rally. He also keeps his salaat dairy regularly.”

Hartlepool - North East Region

Name: Khawaja Haris Ahmed Butt

Nominated Because: “Haris attended all the Atfal classes and submitted all the homework, attaining maximum points. He shows a lot of willingness to learn and take part in everything. He came second in the Hartlepool Atfal League with 75 points and did well in the Atfal Online Quiz and took part in the Atfal Presentation on Fasting. He is always following the instructions & guidelines given by Nazim Atfal & Quid Sahib.”

Selsdon - Baitus Subhan Region

Name: Sarmad Bhatti

Nominated Because: “Sarmad is our regional atfal Khidmat-e-Khalq secretary as well as a saiqeen. Mashallah he organised and led the treasure hunt within Selsdon qiadat. Furthermore, he extended this activity to other atfal in the region who were able to benefit from this exciting activity.”

Baitul Futuh East - Baitul Futuh Region

Name: Faran Munib

Nominated Because: “Faran Munib regularly attends all local and regional events. He is also a saiq, he is very respectful. He also took part in most competitions for our atfal rallys and he got many prizes.”


Wandsworth - Mahmood Region

Name: Aman sheikh

Nominated Because: “Aman Sheikh is regular in prayers and attend all classes and do all task on time.”

Mitcham Park - Shareef Region

Name: Faward Ahmad Anwar

Nominated Because: “Faward is a very active atfal within the region who has been chosen as a saiq by the Local Nazim Atfal. He does all of his responsibilities in a possible best way. He attends every Atfal classes and completed all homework that was set. He attended and won prizes in the local Mitcham Park Atfal Rally and is currently in the lead in the Four Stage Mechanism Leaderboard. May Allah Almighty bless him for all of his work and may he continue with this excellent work. Ameen”

Bradford North East - North East Region

Name: Hareem Ahmad

Nominated Because: “Hareem has attended all of our weekly Atfal classes as well as the regional Atfal rally, where he won the plank competition. He actively takes part and engages in all of our virtual events. Hareem has also regularly updated and utilised his Atfal Salaat diary”

Carshalton - Baitul Ehsan Region

Name: Fraz Hameed Khan

Nominated Because: “I would like to nominate Fraz for his continuous hard work and effort in attending the classes and actively participating in them.
As well as this his contribution is excellent in the khuddam and Jamaat general meetings through taking part in tilawat and nazm in the opening segment of meetings.”

Roehampton - Nasir Region

Name: Danish Kaleem

Nominated Because: “He took part in every event this month. Participated in the regional ijtema as well as doing tilawat in the opening session. Then he prepared very well and helped his team in the regional salat quiz, also done nazam in local general meeting.”

Kingston - Nasir Region

Name: Muhammad Sarmad Ahmad

Nominated Because: “Handed in Salat diary on time, as well as regularly participating in national and regional initiatives.”

Upper Mitcham - Baitun Noor Region

Name: Abdul Qader Salam

Nominated Because: “Abdul Qader joins the class every week and contributes very well. Very intelligent Atfal who completes all tasks given. For example, for our Qiadat, we organised a 3 month challenge where Atfal were supposed to do 7 objectives in a week and tick off the ones that are done. For all 3 months, Abdul Qader’s sheet was all on tick and I was really impressed MashaAllah. May this continue into the future, Ameen.”

Worcester park - Tahir Region

Name: Raza mirza

Nominated Because: “Raza is a saiqeen for Worcester park, he always is there to help, and takes on big responsibilities”

Islamabad - Muqami Region

Name: Eqaan Mahmood Khan

Nominated Because: “Eqaan Mahmood Khan is very active in Atfal events. He attends regular Atfal Taleem and Urdu classes. He is also the sectary Taleem in Atfal Amala of Islamabad Qiadat and therefore always writes reports of all classes. He won a lot of prizes in the Virtual Rally and submits his Salat diary`s always on time. Islamabad Qiadat won the Quiz competition in Muqami region. Eqaan was part of the winner team and answered a lot of Questions right”

Newcastle - North East Region

Name: Jazib Khalil

Nominated Because: “Jazib attended all four Atfal classes and all three Waqfe Nau classes and submitted all the homework, attaining maximum points.He attended and won 4 prizes in the Regional Atfal Ijtema. in the under 7’s group winning 1st Speech, 2nd Tilawat, Nazm and Adhan. Newcastle Jama’at achieved 100% attendance and won 1st prize in the attendance award and also came 1st in the Salat Quiz. Jazib came 1st in the Newcastle Online Atfal League with 117 pts. Masha’Allah he is very young but making wonderful progress and we are very pleased with the effort he is making and he is showing great interest in all activities.”

Birmingham North - West Midlands Region

Name: Burhan Ahmed

Nominated Because: “Always thinking outside the box.
Always there on every class.
Always on top of everything MashAllah.”

Birmingham West - West Midlands Region

Name: Ashir Ahmad

Nominated Because: “Ashir Ahmad is very active. He actively participates in all classes and interacts with other Atfal brothers within the class.”

Birmingham Central - West Midlands Region

Name: Tanzeel Ahmad

Nominated Because: “He submitted a well written essay for a regional ishaat competition on the life of Hazrat Musleh Maud RA. He regularly attends local classes demonstrating good punctuality and always proactively takes part in different activities.”

Thornton Heath South - South Region

Name: Kamran Arshad

Nominated Because: “Kamran has participated in the opening session at both local and regional level for tilawat. He gained first prize for tilawat at regional ijtema. He has also participated in all the events at the local ijtema. Winning prizes at almost all competition. “

Birmingham South - West Midlands Region

Name: Mustansar Ahmed

Nominated Because: “Excellent presentation made and delivered by Faran on Hazrat Saleh (as) during our class. He also has perfect attendance and an enthusiasm to participate in classes being a role model for others. Well Done!”